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*Key to Room Number
V= Vernon Square, B=Brunei Gallery(Russell Square), G=Ground floor, 1=First floor, LT= Lecture Theatre
Ex. V111=Vernon Square, First floor, Room no. 11
      Brunei Suite= Brunei Galley (Russell Square), Ground floor
      BGLT=Brunei Galley(Russell Square), Ground floor, Lecture Theatre

June 18 (Thursday), 2015 /  June 19 (Friday), 2015 /  June 20 (Saturday), 2015

 Day2: June 19 (Friday)
Venue: SOAS (Vernon Square Campus)
Audience Registration (Rm. VG06) and Book Displays (Rm. VG10)
9.30-11.30 Panel 8: Cross-Strait Relations Rm. V111

Chair: Winnie King (School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies, University
           of Bristol)

  1. Gunter Schubert (European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan (ERCCT), University of Tübingen, GERMANY) , Rui-hua Lin (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, CHINA) and Yu-chen Tseng (Yi Shou University, TAIWAN)

    Reviewing Taishang Studies: A Rising or Declining Research Field?

  2. Jieh-min Wu (Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, TAIWAN)

    Rediscovering the China Factor: Overview of the China Impact in Taiwan

  3. Scott L. Kastner (Department of Government and Politics, University of Maryland, USA)

    International Relations Theory and the Relationship across the Taiwan Strait: State of the Field

  4. Francoise Mengin (Centre d'études et de recherches internationales, Sciences Po, FRANCE)

    Mapping the Many Displacements of the China-Taiwan Border

Panel 9: Rewriting Taiwan History Rm. V211

Chair: Lars Laamann (Department of History, SOAS, University of London, UK)

  1. Ann Heylen (Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University, TAIWAN)

    Reflecting on the Past against the Backdrop of New Directions

  2. Paul Katz (Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, TAIWAN)

    Bridging the Gaps: Methodological Challenges in the Study of Taiwanese Popular Religion

  3. John Shepherd (The Department of Anthropology, University of Virginia, USA)

    Winning a Place in the History of Taiwan: The Siraya

  4. Rwei-ren Wu (Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica, TAIWAN)

    The Meta-history of History: Some Reflections on Tsao Yung-ho’s Thesis of “History of the Taiwan Island”

Panel 10: Literature and Arts Rm. V121

Chair: Michel Hockx (Director, SOAS China Institute, University of London, UK)

  1. Sung-sheng (Yvonne) Chang (Department of Asian Studies, The College of Liberal Arts, The University of Texas at Austin, USA)

    Wartime Taiwan: Epitome of an East Asian Modality of the Modern Literary Institution?

  2. Kuo-ching Tu (Department of East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies, University of California Santa Barbara, USA)

    The State of Taiwan Literature in English Translation

  3. Fang-mei Lin & Li-ju Wang(Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University, TAIWAN)

    Women Writers’ Historical Fiction in the 21st Century: Gender as National Allegory Revisited

  4. Marc L. Moskowitz (Department of Anthropology, University of South Carolina, USA)

    Cries of Joy, Songs of Sorrow: Chinese Pop Music and its Cultural Connotations

12.00-13.00 Keynote Speech II Rm. V111
Chair: Dafydd Fell
Speaker: Christopher Hughes (Department of International Relations, The London
                School of Economics and Political Science, UK)

Topic: Cross-Strait Relations as a Problem of Chinese Militarisms
14.00-16.00 Panel 11: International Relations Rm. V111

Chair: Sasa Istenic (Assistant Professor of Sinology and President of the Taiwan
           Research Center at the Department of Asian and African Studies of the University
           of Ljubljana, SLOVENIA)

  1. Dennis Hickey (Department of Political Science, Missouri State University, USA)

    Back to the Future: US Arms Sales to Taiwan Since the 1982 US-PRC Arms Sales Communiques

  2. Gary Rawnsley (Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University, UK)

    Selling Taiwan: A Reconsideration of Taiwan's Public Diplomacy

  3. Jacques deLisle (Center for East Asian Studies, University of Pennsylvania Law School, USA)

    U.S.-Taiwan Relations and the Taiwan Relations Act: Assessing a Steady Anchor in a Sea of Troubles

  4. Vincent Wei-cheng Wang (Department of Political Science, University of Richmond, USA)

    Taiwan’s Quest for Greater Participation in the International Community: Retrospect and Prospect

Panel 12: Modern Taiwan History Rm. V211

Chair: Ernest Caldwell (Law School, SOAS, University of London, UK)

  1. Julia C. Strauss (Department of Politics and International Studies, SOAS, University of London, UK)

    Campaigns, Bureaucracy, and Theatre in State Making from Above: Regime Consolidation in Taiwan, 1949-1954

  2. Lung-chih Chang (Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica, TAIWAN)

    Island of Histories: Memory, Identity and Heritage in Contemporary Taiwanese Historiography

  3. Michael Rand Hoare (Centre of Taiwan Studies, SOAS, University of London, UK)

    Trade, Politics and the 'Preemptive Cringe' in UK-Taiwan Relations 1950-80

  4. Wendy Cheng (Justice and Social Inquiry and Asian Pacific American Studies, School of Social Transformation, Arizona State University, USA)

    Island X: Taiwanese/Americans and Oppositional Political Formation in the Diaspora

Panel 13: Ethnic Relations and Politics Rm. V121

Chair: Thomas Gold

  1. Scott Simon (Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Ottawa, CANADA)

    Taiwan Studies and Indigenous Studies: A Complex Ontological Relationship

  2. Stéphane Corcuff (French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC) Taipei branch, TAIWAN)

    From "Pluralistic National Identification" to "Geopolitical Liminality”

  3. Chun-chieh Chi (Department of Ethnic Relations and Cultures, National Dong Hwa University, TAIWAN)

    Indigenous People and Indigenous-Han Relationship in Taiwan: A Postcolonial Perspective

  4. Fu-chang Wang (Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, TAIWAN)

    Studies on Taiwan’s Ethnic Relations: The State of the Field

16.30-18.00 Panel 14: Civil Society and Social Movements Rm. V111

Chair: Chun-yi Lee

  1. Ming-sho Ho & Chun-Ta Juan (Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University, TAIWAN)

    Social Movement Study in Taiwan: A State-of-the-field Report

  2. André Laliberté (School of Political Studies, University of Ottawa, CANADA)

    The Effect of Religions on Civil Society and Democracy in Taiwan

  3. Hsin-huang Michael Hsiao

    The Middle Classes, Civil Society and Democracy: The Post-war Taiwan Experience

Panel 15: Economics and Political Economy Rm. V211

Chair: Robert Ash

  1. Peter Chow (Department of Economics, The City College of New York, USA)

    The State of Studying Taiwan Economy: Retrospect and Prospect

  2. Joseph Wong (Department of Political Science, University of Toronto, CANADA)

    Healthy Democracies and Welfare Politics in Taiwan: The Arguments, Refinements and Limitations

  3. Jan Knoerich (Lau China Institute, King’s College London, UK)

    Mainland China’s Outward Investment into Taiwan after Ecfa: Challenges and Opportunities

Panel 16: Language Rm. V121

Chair: Paul Jen-Kuei Li (Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica, TAIWAN)

  1. Elizabeth Zeitoun (Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica, TAIWAN)

    Language Contact in Saisiyat

  2. Amy Pei-Jung Lee (Department of Indigenous Languages and Communication, National Dong Hwa University, TAIWAN)

    Euphemism in Formosan Languages

  3. Henning Klöter (Centre for Modern East Asian Studies (CeMEAS), Georg-August University Göttingen, GERMANY)

    Writing Taiwanese: Now and Then, Who and Why?

Dinner (Recommended local restaurants)
Music Event (Rm. V111)
The music and musical career of Lin Sheng-hsiang, a discussion with Shzr Ee Tan(Department of Music, Royal Holloway)


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