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Session C3
Legalizing LGBT Parenting in Taiwan: The Participation of Gay and Lesbian Family
官曉薇 Hsiao-Wei Kuan
Department of Law, National Taipei University, Taiwan

Taiwan, as the most LGBT friendly Asian Country, has witnessed its almost successful marriage equality (herein after as "ME") movement in the Legislature in the end of 2016. The 2016 ME legislative movement is distinctive from the past ones in a few ways: powerful mass movement, more LGBT groups involved, and opponents’willingness to give in to conferring a partnership status to same sex couples. But most importantly, more LGBT families than ever came out of the closet to participant in the 2016 ME legislative movement. LGBT families participated in the movement in different phases: some in the phase of drafting the bill, some in the phase of internal discussion, and others in the phase of advocacy. Th paper purports to understand why LGBT families decided to participate in 2016 ME legislative movement, how they decided, through what path and in what way they participated. This project will conduct in depth semi-open structured interviews on LGBT families who participated in the movement. Through analyzing the cause and process of the decision-making, this paper will explore how law and social movement group play a role in people's decision in participating social movements.     

Keywords: social movements, Marriage Equality, LGBT family, Same sex Marriage, law and social movements, legal mobilization