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Session A2
Cold War or Hot Peace: A Survey of the European Perspective on Cross-Taiwan Strait Security
Dean Karalekas
Strategic Vision, Taiwan Center for Security Studies, Taiwan

We have witnessed the development in European universities of a fast-growing body of research focused on Taiwan Studies. In a domain where new concepts and trends are constantly being introduced, it is therefore of interest to analyze the direction taken by this literature, and a good way to accomplish this is to examine the research papers published by and for the European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS). As a field of area studies, the term “Taiwan Studies” covers a great many disciplines and approaches. Of particular interest, given the unique place Taiwan inhabits politically in the region and in the world, is how researchers approach the issue of Taiwan from an international relations (IR) and security perspective. Moreover, much has likewise been written on the prospects for military conflict in the Taiwan Strait. This survey paper will examine the field of Taiwan Studies with a focus on the area of security studies by examining the conference papers in EATS conferences from 2004-2018 and related publications.