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Session B6
The Kraak Porcelain Discovered from Taiwan and Macao, and their Relationship with the Manila Galleon Trade
盧泰康 Tai-Kang Lu
Department of Art History, Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan

Taiwan and Macao played the vital roles of the international maritime transit trade in the cultural and economic interchange between the east and west in the seventeenth century. The Chinese Kraak porcelains exported from Taiwan and Macao in the first half of the seventeenth century were transshipped to other regions of the world in a large number by the Dutch, Spaniard and Portuguese.

As for the Japanese Kraak style porcelain transshipped from Taiwan, were sold to Southeast Asia, but also exported to Manila, which were re-shipped to America by Spanish galleon. The phenomenon of multi ceramic transit trade, reveals the importance of Chinese and Japanese ceramic in the international maritime trade in the seventeenth century, and also shows the prosperous material cultural exchanges between Asia and other places of the world in that period.   


Key words: Taiwan, Macao, Kraak Porcelain, Manilla Galleon Trade