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  • The deadline of online registration is Aug 15,2018.
  • On-site registration will be accepted during the congress, but no conference materials will be provided.
  • A message stating “Registration Completed” will appear once your registration is complete.
  • Please note that the congress is limit to 250 seats. If total registration received exceeds the limit, the seats will be reserved for teachers, scholars and students in academic institutions. The congress secretariat will send out conference reminder to confirmed participants before the Congress.
  • Due to limited parking space, please use public transportation to the conference if possible.
  • For the purpose of eco-awareness, we encourage all attendants to bring your own cups. Thank you for your cooperation.

Considering the confidentiality of the personal information we will collect, with respect to paragraph one of Article 8 of the Personal Information Protection Act, we are informing you of the following: (1) the name of institute collecting the information; (2) the purpose for the information collected; (3) the personal information we will collect; (4) the period and how the personal information will be used; (5) any rights you may exercise; (6) your right to provide personal information or not and the impact of nondisclosure of personal information.
  • Name of Institute: Academia Sinica
  • Purpose of collection: Conference
  • Personal information: Name, affiliation, position, contact information (email).
  • Period and how the personal information will be used: Within the time period of the specific purpose , the information will be used only for supplementing missing data, announcing conference news/information, preparing your nameplate, and accounting purposes after the conference (participants list).
  • You may contact us to supplement the information and/or correct your personal information during the conference.
  • You can decide whether to provide personal information or not. However, we may not be able to provide relevant services if we are missing some of your personal information. Your understanding is appreciated.

* Please be sure to review your information and the above declaration before clicking on send


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