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Session A2
Assessing the State of Migration to and from Taiwan: An EATS Outlook
Lara Momesso
School of Language and Global Studies, University of Central Lancashire, UK

Taiwan has been affected by immigration and migration flows since its origin to the extent that it is regarded as a migration country. In contrast to this intrinsic character of Taiwan, the literature exploring migration patterns in the island has developed relatively recently and it has focused only on a limited amount of themes, social groups, trajectories, periods of time. Reflecting major trends within existing scholarship on migration in Taiwan, the annual meetings of the European Association of Taiwan Studies have seen an increasing presence of papers on migration in the last years. As a matter of fact, since 2012, each year there have been either full panels or papers on migration. Yet, the themes which have been addressed remained limited to contemporary migrations, cosmopolitanism and social change, government policies, multiculturalism.


Taking these papers as a starting point, and bringing in critical insights from broader debates within migration studies, this article will assess the state of migration studies concerning Taiwan as it generated within the European Association of Taiwan Studies community. By identifying the themes that have been addressed or overlooked, this paper will not only be able to offer important insights with regard to the strengths and weaknesses of the debate on migration related to Taiwan developed by the European Association of Taiwan Studies, but it will also offer reflections on potential themes that may become significant in the near future.


Eventually, this paper aims to discuss up to what extent could the case of migration flows to and from Taiwan play a role in shaping theoretical and empirical debates in the field of migration studies and which new approaches and methodologies peculiar of migration studies could be significant to explore the case of Taiwan.